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We provide the highest level of professional pavement marking, crack sealing and line painting services, guaranteed. Property managers, government officials, business owners, and residents across Ontario trust UrbanMark for our dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. 

Line Marking Service & Line Painting: Ensuring clear and visible markings for roads and facilities.
Pavement Marking & Parking Lot Line Painting: High-quality markings for better navigation and safety.
Line Striping & Parking Lot Line Striping: Precise striping services tailored to meet regulatory standards.
Asphalt Crack Sealing & Pot Hole Repair: Extending the lifespan of your pavement with robust repair solutions.
Parking Spaces & Handicap Parking: Ensuring compliance and accessibility with clearly marked spaces.
Safety & Reflective Markings: Enhancing visibility and safety with high-performance reflective materials.
Commercial Line Painting & Commercial Crack Sealing: Dedicated services for commercial properties to maintain aesthetic and structural integrity.

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UrbanMark not only ensures superior results but also guarantees that you will be kept informed throughout every step of the process. Don’t just take our word for it, let our project photos, reviews from happy customers and prompt profession service assure you UrbanMark is guaranteed choice for job satisfaction and accuracy. Contact us today for your FREE quote!

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Line Painting (New Layout & Restriping)

UrbanMark specializes in professional Line Painting Services, offering both restriping and new layout design for your properties.

Niagara Falls Sealing & line painting service
Pavement Marking Services

Revitalize your paved surfaces with UrbanMark's Pavement Marking Services. We employ advanced techniques and premium materials to create clear

Niagara Falls Sealing & line painting service
Crack Sealing Services

Preserve the life and integrity of your asphalt surfaces with UrbanMark's Crack Sealing Services. Our advanced techniques and high-quality sealant

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We offer expert line painting, pavement marking, and crack sealing services across Ontario, catering to a variety of needs in numerous locations. We service Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Thorold, Welland, Fort Erie, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Port Colborne, Wainfleet, Grimsby, Lincoln, Beamsville, West Lincoln, Pelham, and the broader regions of Haldimand County, Hamilton, and Stoney Creek. This isn't an exhaustive list, if you don't see your region listed we can still help. Whether it's a simple line painting or more complex pavement marking and crack sealing project, we're equipped to provide tailored solutions across Canada. Contact Us today


Line marking encompasses a broader range of applications beyond just roadways, including various forms of visual signaling used on pavements, floors, and other surfaces to ensure safety, enhance aesthetic design, and provide guidance. These markings are employed in diverse environments such as airports, car parks, industrial facilities, sports courts, and public areas.

Line painting services help draw clear and visible lines onvarious surfaces like parking lots, roads, and sports fields. These services help organize spaces and enhance safety by guiding traffic and marking boundaries. It's important for buyers to choose a reputable provider who complies with legal standards, uses quality materials, and offers clear pricing to avoid future issues and extra costs.

Typically, line markings last up to 24 months in medium to high traffic areas, such as public car parks and warehouses. In areas with lower traffic, like private car parks, the markings can last even longer. Regular maintenance, including touch-ups and surface cleaning, can further extend the lifespan of line markings. For the best results and longevity, it is recommended to consult with an Urbanmark professional that understands your local conditions.

Line painting in Canada uses specialized equipment to apply materials like paint or thermoplastic. Paint is sprayed onto the road surface for quick, efficient markings. Thermoplastic is heated, melted, and then poured onto the road where it cools and hardens, offering durable, long-lasting lines. Both methods ensure clear and precise road markings to enhance safety and organization.

The price of line painting in Canada can cost between CAD $500 and $50,000 per project. The price can be influenced by the size and scope of the work required, the materials needed and the complexity of the designs. To obtain an accurate quote for your project, it's best to contact line marking providers for a customized free quote. 

In Canada, line markings include longitudinal markings (parallel to traffic flow), transverse markings (perpendicular to traffic, such as crosswalks), hazard markings (indicating potential dangers), block markings (for specific zones like bus lanes), and arrow markings (directing traffic flow). Each type serves a specific purpose to enhance road safety and manage traffic effectively.

Crack filling and crack sealing are two methods used to repair cracks in asphalt, but they serve different purposes. Crack filling is a temporary fix that reduces maintenance costs initially but might require additional treatments later. It's typically used for wider, less active cracks. On the other hand, crack sealing offers a more permanent solution for small, active cracks. It involves using a flexible sealant that adheres to the crack's edges, preventing issues like water erosion and the growth of moss and mildew, thereby lowering long-term repair costs.

Yes, adherence to municipal regulations and standards, including AODA requirements, is crucial during pavement marking.

UrbanMark follows strict safety protocols, employs experienced professionals, and minimizes disruptions to ensure safety during all pavement maintenance processes.